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Organic Food & Beverage Business Mission

1 – 7 September 2019, Singapore & Thailand

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Chocolates Solé

  • Our Products/Services:

    Organic Bars
    Chunks/ coating

    Our Value Proposition:

    Our range includes a wide variety of 25/100/150g chocolate bars in different flavours and different percentages of cocoa including dark, white, with: milk, almonds, hazelnuts, chili, dark, ginger, yogurt, cinnamon etc as well as no added sugar bars (sweetened with organic Agave) or 100% cocoa pure mass.

    We also offer other variations of chocolate that ranges from drinking to food service use, such as chunks, drops, stick, cocoa powder, hazelnut spreadcream, hot chocolate and turrons (spanish nougat).

    Country: Spain
    Sub Sector: Confectionary/Bakery, Dairy, Ingredients
    Booth number
    Singapore: 10
    Thailand: R18