Organic Food & Beverage

Organic Food & Beverage Business Mission

1 – 7 September 2019, Singapore & Thailand

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  • AcanChia UG&Co.KG

    AcanChia provides high quality organic food products, adapted to the Asian market’s need for a natural nutritious, health conscious and active life style. We cultivate, harvest and package our raw material in South America, with complete quality management in Germany. Read More

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    SG: 1
    TH: R2

  • Acetificio Andrea Milano SRL

    We were founded in 1889 and are one of the main and oldest vinegar manufacturers. The historical factory in Napoli is now dedicated to the production of special dressings and glazes. The factory located in Modena represents the pride of the production of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The one century- old oak casks, made of valuable wood, allows us to manage the complex aging process through traditional methods. Read More

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  • Altromercato

    We manufacture food and beverage, made in Italy, sustainable with fair trade ingredients such as: Pasta, coffee, chocolate, cookies, tomato sauces, bread substitutes, etc. Read More

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    SG: 3
    TH: R5

  • Amastuola Società Agricola s.s.

    Amastuola is based, with its 100 hectares of organic vineyard, in the north-west area of Crispiano. Located on a plateau at 220m, above sea level, Amastuola produces an exclusive collection of organic wines: Centosassi, Primitivo, Aglianico, Lamarossa, Onda del Tempo, Capocanale, Vignatorta, Bianco Salento, Calaprice and Dolce Vitae e Ondarosa. Read More

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    SG: 4
    TH: R6

  • Arctic Birch

    We harvest and produce certified organic products from birch sap. We produce organic drinks in bottles and also supply bulk packages for drinks and cosmetics. We control everything from harvest to the ready product. We have developed a technique to keep our product shelf life stable without adding any preservatives. A joint venture between two family companies, Arctic Food and RTC Granholms founded Arctic Birch last year. Read More

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    SG: 5
    TH: R8

  • Baron de Montfort

    We produce Still Red Wines (AOC) from Right Bank of Bordeaux, with 70 hectares of vines (3 different estates, under one operating company). We conduct the sales and marketing of 3 different wines (6 different labels in total), across the world. Read More

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    SG: 6
    TH: R10

  • bioorto soc. coop. agricola

    BioOrto is an organization that produces and sells organic extra virgin olive oil, tomato preserves and fresh vegetables and fruits from organic farming. Our products are delivered, processed and packed in a modern factory of 20,000 square meters. Read More

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    SG: 8
    TH: R14

  • Castillo de Canena Olive Juice S.L.

    We are a family company, producers of premium extra virgin olive oils since 1780. Our olive oils and olive grove are certified by the most recognized quality certifications such as BRC, IFS, EPD.  Read More

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    SG: 9
    TH: R16

  • Chocolates Solé

    Our factory and head offices are located in Barcelona and we are producing organic and conventional chocolate with different percentages of cocoa in all sort of varieties (dark, white, with: milk, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) for consumers and industrial customers. Read More

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    SG: 10
    TH: R18