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Country: Spain
Sub Sector: Oil
Booth No. (Singapore): 34
Table No. (Jakarta):


Oleoestepa is a producer of extra virgin olive oil farmed and milled within the most demanding and highly regarded Protected Designation of Origin, the PDO Estepa, situated in Andalusia, Spain. Oleoestepa combines the efforts of 17 associated mills, 5,000 farmers and over 7 million olive trees. It is the only olive oil producer of its size, with an annual turnover of 110 million EUR, to be dedicated exclusively to high quality extra virgin olive oil. Each year since its inception in 1986, Oleoestepa has won dozens of quality awards, making it the most awarded producer of extra virgin olive oil in the world. Its organic extra virgin olive oil produced by own olive groves, its commitment to the protection of biodiversity, its strict procedures in food safety, all these things place the company into the segment of high quality product. The company is certificated into DOP, IFS, BRC, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, Kosher, Organic,… etc .