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Château de Manissy


Country: France
Sub Sector: Wine
Booth No. (Singapore): 17
Table No. (Jakarta):


The Château de Manissy, dates back to the 17th century, was the property of one branches of the family LAFARGE without descendant and was given to the local church. This is how the Missionary Brothers from the Holly Family became the owners of the castle. They have planted the first vines, to produce their first Cuvée of Tavel wine at the beginning of the 20th century. Permanent resident but becoming older, they had to hand over the management of the vineyard. From 2003, Florian ANDRÉ, a young winemaker from Tavel, devotes to continuing the tradition of the Brothers and creating new Cuvées. Besides, in 2009, to show respect for the vines and the wine, Florian ANDRÉ converted all the vineyard to Organic Agriculture. The walls of the winery have a lot of stories to tell, Florian ANDRÉ, who learned their languages, translates them with great pleasure. Such as the one about the graffitis which ornament the old and big oak kegs and which we do not have to erase. Oe of these inscriptions says that "This wine gives a fore-taste of the Paradise!"