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Asociación Laboral Josenea


Country: Spain
Sub Sector: Coffee & Tea, Chocolates, Plants/ Herbs/Seeds
Booth No. (Singapore): 6
Table No. (Jakarta):


Josenea is a non-profit association which works with people under social exclusion. These people are chronically unemployed (because of their culture, religion, age…) and with us, they learn a job so in the future they can grow personally and professionally.

Josenea’s ADN is placed in “Bordablanca” fields in the heart of the Pyrenees (Spain), in a place of incomparable beauty called Lumbier. Here, we harvest in our organic fields more than 80 different kinds of organic and medicinal herbs/plants. Every process is made by hand; the harvest, drying and packing; because our purpose is to create jobs through the production of sustainable products.

Furthermore, the organic and medicinal plants we grow are certified by CPAEN and USDA approved, WE DO NOT USE FERTILIZERS OR PESTICIDES. All our products undergo rigorous quality controls meeting the highest standards available.

As you can imagine our main products are everything we can make with our plants.
- We grow many different kinds of plants which we pack in different formats like loose-leaf, pyramid tea bags, capsules for Nespresso machines and tea bags. Our pyramid bags, capsules for Nespresso machines and tea bags are biodegradable. They are made of cornstarch. This kind of packing protects the original qualities of the products, saving its aroma and preventing light damage. We are producers and therefore we can adapt the product to our client’s needs (Supermarkets, restaurants, shops…)
- Mixes of plants for cooking use.
- Salts, mixed with our plants, are harvested from natural springs and are very rich in minerals like iodine, calcium…
- Our organic chocolate is made with our organic flavor plants.
- We have finished a new organic cosmetic line called IRATI. This name comes from the river that waters our organic certified fields. This line includes deodorants, shampoo, different creams for women and men and a complete line for babies.