Information & Communication Technologies

Information & Communication Technologies Business Mission

17 – 22 June 2019, Singapore & Thailand

Adaptive Channel


Country: France
Sub Sector: Future Comms / Media
Booth No. (Singapore): 5H3-07
Table No. (Thailand): 36


Adaptive’s innovative digital press Inflight Entertainment solution allows airlines to:
1. Reduce operational costs (moving away from printed press reduces on-board weight and translates into lesser fuel consumption,
logistics and cleaning).
2. Improve passenger experience (as opposed to print, digital press is always up-to-date, never runs out and offers a wide range of choice anywhere in the world).
3. Reinforce an eco friendly approach which fits into airline’s Corporate Social Responsibility (less fuel consumption means lesser CO2 emissions, with the combination of zero paper).
4. Generate business opportunities (eg digitize workflow, improve passenger knowledge, improve loyalty…).
a) Competitive Advantage:
- A turnkey service
- Best-in-class eReader software
- A catalogue of 10,000 international newspapers and magazines
b) Market record and/or validation:
- Adaptive was first in the market in 2012 with Air France digital press solution
- Adaptive won Thales’ international RFP for inflight eReader technology
c) Key clients:
- Airlines : Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, SAS, TAP Portugal
- Manufacturers : Thales, Airbus
- Content Service Providers : Global Eagle Entertainment, Inflight Dublin

Entertainment solutions with digital press, movies, music, games through
1) Web portal
2) Mobile apps and SDK
3) Onboard solutions.
Also looking for local content service provider (Press editors, etc).