Information & Communication Technologies

Information & Communication Technologies Business Mission

17 – 22 June 2019, Singapore & Thailand



Country: Finland
Sub Sector: Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Future Comms / Media, Health IT, IoT, PropTech, ConstructTech, EduTech, Compliance & HR, Process Automation, ERP, Location based marketing / E commerce, AI, Block Chain, NodeJS, React, React Native, Webpack, Loopback, Docker, Java
Booth No. (Singapore): 5H4-08
Table No. (Thailand): 02


We create digital products and services: Web and mobile apps with a wide variety of software development and even embedded solutions. We take an end to end approach through design, development, testing and launch and are a lean, agile and flexible partner for digital innovation, commercial service creation, internationalisation and software development. We offer use of our low barrier, high scalable solution using micro-services, open source by design, ready to be adapted. We also utilise existing libraries, know-hows and best in class solutions. This enables rapid prototyping, Proof of Concepts and MVPs that can be scaled to full releases and easily iterated and localised. We stand out from the crowd for creating a great user experience. One of our cutting edge differentiators is the ability to incorporate 3D graphics using techniques from consumer and games software to enhance Enterprise / B2B software.

Whilst we pride ourselves in the strength of our in-house team we also work with specialise partners in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, IoT, 3D scanning and printing, and other domain and deep technology experts including research institutions. Technical services offered for:
• Architecture design
• Audits & security
• Software, web, mobile & embedded development
• Data migration and system integration
• User Experience, design and testing
• Quality assurance and testing
• Maintenance & Service provider management i.e. hosting

With an international current client base across Europe, Asia, Africa and USA. Clients include market leaders in data security, procurement, infrastructure management, asset management, property and construction, education and corporate learning, games and entertainment.

1. Start up, scales up and technology firms with digital products - Nolwenture can design, build, enhance, modernise, scale and localise
their product vision.
2. Large organisations undergoing digital transformation and changes to be innovators with positive digital disruptive services - We can
facilitate the changes and execute the MVP and first releases whilst training the in-house teams for the future.
3. Consultants, advisors and investors who need a technological partner for technical due diligence (code reviews, architecture design
reviews, etc.), feasibility studies and thorough execution of Proof of Concepts.