Information & Communication Technologies

Information & Communication Technologies Business Mission

17 – 22 June 2019, Singapore & Thailand



Country: Finland
Sub Sector: Big Data, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Future Comms / Media, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence
Booth No. (Singapore): 5H3-05
Table No. (Thailand): 35


InsightsAtlas helps humans and software make better and more informed decisions based on social media and online data. Our SaaS analytics solution produces the highest quality analysis on the market based on proprietary combination of advanced algorithms and global scale human analysis. We call it the SocialAI. It can reliably and efciently analyse content that no one else can. For instance, sentiments from pictures and videos as well as our natural language containing sarcasm and irony in almost any language or dialect in the world. It has applications in Cyber Security, Media, Financial sector and Insurance, Pharma, Healthcare as well as IT in general. To give a few examples: We provide the most powerful fuel for AI development with unmatched quality, efficiency and ROI when it comes to natural language, e.g. development of chatbots. We detect bots, fake news and filter out all irrelevant data from relevant and complex data sets to focus on authentic and relevant conversation. We conduct in-depth analysis about the success of complex strategies with full attention to details of the industry in question, impact on the audience and relevancy of the influencers affecting the tone of the conversation. We understand text, pictures, video and voice. What remains, are always the insights, fully customized for your unique use and guaranteed to be the highest quality analysis on the market. Our client roster varies from local players to global or regional market leaders from various industries. Such as the creator of the global Angry Birds entertainment franchise, Rovio. or the largest banking corporation in the Nordics, Nordea.

InsightsAtlas analytics Saas for:
1. Banking and Insurance sector
2. Healthcare and Pharma
3. Telecom, Media, Broadcasting, Government and Retail