Information & Communication Technologies

Information & Communication Technologies Business Mission

17 – 22 June 2019, Singapore & Thailand

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1 3d-berlin vr solution GmbH Germany Health IT, Software services 5K3-01 49
2 3dRudder France VR 5K3-03 50
3 ABF - Industrielle Automation GmbH Austria Industrial Automation 5J3-07 44
4 Abiquo Holdings SL Spain Cloud Computing 5K4-07 29
5 ACORUS NETWORKS France Cybersecurity 5L4-05 21
6 Adaptive Channel France Future Comms / Media 5H3-07 36
7 Athens Technology Center Greece Big Data, Future Comms / Media, Content, Marketing, Content Management 5H3-08 37
8 Bit Soft SRL Romania Software for Hospitality Industry 5J3-11 47
9 Bulpros Consulting AD Bulgaria Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Health IT, IoT 5J4-01 09
10 CRAMBO Hey! Spain Education 5J3-01 41
11 Belgium Big Data 5J4-03 10
12 DigitalRoute Sweden Big Data, Broadband, Cloud Computing, FinTech, Future Comms / Media, IoT, Communication Service 5K4-11 32
13 Eurotech S.p.A. Italy IoT, IoT Security, Distributed computing, ICT beyond the datacentre, High Performance Embedded Computing, IT/OT Integration, IoT Security 5H4-01 05
14 Fiction Express by Boolino SL Spain Education K-12, EdTech, English Language Training 5J3-03 42
15 GALGUS Spain WIFI Networks 5L4-01 26
16 Gambit Financial Solutions Belgium FinTech 5H3-03 34
17 Hotailors Poland SaaS 5J3-09 46
18 Imagga Technologies Bulgaria Big Data 5J4-05 11
19 InsightsAtlas Finland Big Data, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Future Comms / Media, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence 5H3-05 35
20 Instrumentation Technologies d.o.o. Slovenia Future Comms / Media, IoT, ParticleAccelerator, MedTech, SmartConnectivity, Test & Measurement 5H4-03 06
21 Kinesense Ireland Cybersecurity, Video surveillance 5L4-07 22
22 Konsolidator A/S Denmark Cloud Computing 5K4-08 30
23 Liana Technologies Finland Big Data, Cloud Computing, Marketing & Communications Technology 5J4-07 12
24 ManWinWin Software Portugal Cloud Computing, IoT, Digital transformation in Maintenance Management 5H4-07 01
25 Manzalab France Cybersecurity, Digital Experience 5K3-05 51
26 METIS Cyberspace Technology SA Greece Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT 5J4-08 13
27 MwareIPTV Netherlands Future Comms / Media, Cloud- based solution for TV and Video On Demand Service 5H3-09 38
28 Nemetschek Bulgaria Bulgaria System Integration and custom software development 5K3-12 52
29 NINCHAT Finland Cybersecurity, FinTech, Future Comms / Media, Health IT 5H3-11 39
30 Nolwenture Finland Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Future Comms / Media, Health IT, IoT, PropTech, ConstructTech, EduTech, Compliance & HR, Process Automation, ERP, Location based marketing / E commerce, AI, Block Chain, NodeJS, React, React Native, Webpack, Loopback, Docker, Java 5H4-08 02
31 OMBEA AB Sweden Big Data, IoT, Customer & Employee Feedback Software and Hardware 5J4-09 14
32 Premo Spain IoT, Electronic and passive components manufacturer 5H4-05 07
33 R3 Communications Germany IoT, Wireless Technology for Industrial Automation 5H4-12 08
34 rdcom Italy Business Messaging Solutions 5J3-05 43
35 RecRight Finland HR Tech, Recruitment Technology 5J3-08 45
36 regify GmbH Germany Cybersecurity, Health IT 5L4-08 23
37 SAIL LABS Technology GmbH Austria Big Data 5J4-11 15
38 SATEL Finland Cybersecurity, Future Comms / Media, IoT, Mission Critical Connectivity 5L4-09 24
39 Seabery Soluciones S.L Spain Augmented Reality applied to Skills Training and Industry 4.0 5H4-09 03
40 Secure-IC SAS France Cybersecurity, IoT 5L4-11 25
41 SenseAnywhere B.V. Netherlands Big Data, IoT 5J4-12 16
42 Suntech Poland Broadband 5L4-03 27
43 TESSARES Belgium Broadband 5L4-12 28
44 tonwelt GmbH Germany Culture, Tourism, Guiding Technology, Visitor Solutions 5J3-12 48
45 Transition Technologies Managed Services Sp. z o.o. Poland Big Data, Cloud Computing, Health IT 5K4-01 17
46 Vintom Poland Big Data, FinTech, Marketing Automation, Digital Customer Experience 5K4-03 18
47 Visio Ingenii Ltd United Kingdom Big Data, Cloud Computing, FinTech, IoT 5K4-05 19
48 Wildix EE OU Estonia Cloud Computing 5K4-09 31
49 Yusp Hungary Big Data 5K4-12 20
50 Zappware Belgium Future Comms / Media 5H3-12 40