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Country: Italy
Sub Sector: Cloud Computing, Traditional Comms (Broadband, Sat Comms, Fibre)
Booth No. (Singapore): 5G4-03
Table No. (Thailand):


Cloudesire is a brokering and monetization platform that enables the automated ‘SaaSification’ and immediate distribution of any kind of application, across any cloud and with any commercial arrangement.

Our mission: disrupting the existing inefficient, time-consuming methods used to bring applications to clouds.

Aiming to serve several stakeholders (Software Vendors, Service Providers, End Users) with a cutting edge solution, we can leverage any kind of cloud infrastructure and can on-board, distribute, sell both single-tenant and multi-tenant applications. Docker-ready applications are fully supported.
We take care of all our stakeholders: the platform is engineered to smoothly support any step of the process, on both demand and supply side.

We invest a precious amount of time applying all the best-fitting growth hacking strategies and tactics, through a rigorous and tested method to grant all our stakeholders consistent results.

Venture-backed by TIM Ventures, we are proudly serving several big service providers and ISVs across Europe.