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Country: France
Sub Sector: Cybersecurity
Booth No. (Singapore): 5J4-01
Table No. (Thailand):


Quarkslab is a French high-end cybersecurity company, highly skilled in vulnerability research, reverse engineering and design of security solutions for a tailored level of defense. Founded 6 years ago, and headquartered in Paris, Quarkslab is working internationally since its origins and is now opening offices in Japan and Argentina.

Quarkslab focuses on protecting data with two main products coming from its internal R&D: IRMA (Incident Response & Malware Analysis) and EPONA (software protection based on advanced code obfuscation techniques). These products, coming along with our service and training offers, help organizations take security decisions at the right time based on relevant information.

Defensive security:
• Security developments: crypto, protocols, fuzzers, patch system for outdated programs.
• Cryptography design.
• On-demand R&D: anti-root, disassembler, custom probes for IRMA.
Offensive security:
• Vulnerability, patch and exploit analysis
• Cryptography and DRM pentesting
• Software assessment
• Reverse engineering
• Vulnerability research
• iOS & Android pentesting

Quarkslab is an official laboratory accredited by the French National Security Agency (ANSSI) to assess the security of software components and certified them.

We are used to work on sensitive environments with large public and private organizations. Mostly in industries such as telcos, energy, defense and financial services.