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Country: Spain
Sub Sector: IoT/Smart City, AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ Machine Learning/ Robotics, Other technologies
Booth No. (Singapore): 5J3-01
Table No. (Thailand):


Premo is a magnetic components developer, designer and manufacturer.

Our main products categories are:
- RFID components (antennas)
- Inductives components (transformers and chokes)
- EMC filters
- PLC components

Our main sectors and applicactions for our products are:
- Automotive. 3 axis transponders, TPMS, LF antennas, trafos and chokes for DCDC/OBC for electric vehicle, LF antennas for autonomous cars.
- Iot: NFC antenas, electro magnetic tracking hardware, Inductive Components for sensor devices.
- EMC products: wide range, from machinery to telecom and data to process automation and medical.
- PLC: power lines monitoring and automation.