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Crambo, S.A. (Hey! Education)


Country: Spain
Sub Sector: Other Technologies
Booth No. (Singapore): 5G4-05
Table No. (Thailand):


Brands: Education devices VEXIA,
Hey! tech, an unique technology part of EU Future Classroom Lab, accessories for education patented by Crambo, is a visual communicator that helps teachers to monitor the students, and help students to be on track, more focus and to be heard when they have doubts, specially if they are shy of have some extra dificulties, The final objective is to improve the results of the class and help the teacher focus on teaching with computers even if they are not especialist. Simple and Fun. Teachers can also see the application the sudent is using and even the website that they are in a very simple way. Ideal for all teachers, specially non IT orientated teachers. With services avaliable to have the information like anwser of students, use of devices, use of apps, for student, classroom, grade, school, groupo of school even regions or all the country.

Hey! U, and universal external periferal to use hey! in any USB computer or tablet for all operating systems, allows Vexia Stronger hey! (Best Tablet for Education in SIMO Education show in Madrid) a device perfect for K12 students with hey! tech integrated in the device.

Partially asembled in China and in Coruña