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Country: France
Sub Sector: Cloud computing
Booth No. (Singapore): 5F3-01
Table No. (Thailand):


AB Tasty is the European leader software in Conversion Rate Optimisation. We provide a WYSIWYG editor for Marketing teams to modify the page of their websites and applications without technical resources needed. The client is then able to act directly on his site and change its aspect with agility.

AB Tasty provides different types of algorthims to secure campaigns and to have realiability in the results (Bayesian statistics) and is composed of 4 different modules:
- User Insights module: Which allows the clients to understand what is happening on their website and mobile applications and to identify the behaviors of their audience
- AB Testing module: This allows the customers to test different versions of their site/applications to understand which one is performing the best
- Engagement module: A vast library of widgets, that are precoded and easily customizable. Clients can use them to activate their audience
- Personalisation module: The aim is to push the right message to the right audience at the right moment.