List of Exhibitors

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Monguz Információtechnológiai Kft.


Country: Hungary
Sub Sector: Cloud Computing, Big Data
Booth No. (Singapore): 5H4-11
Table No. (Thailand):


Offer for libraries, museums and local governements.

Qulto® is the essence of our two-decades expertise gained in the field of cultural heritage and knowledge management IT. We unify our cultural and science related software, hardware and content solutions under this brand, which together make up a coherent whole. The name Qulto® also indicates the philosophy we owe our success to: we think in openness, networks and cooperation.

Qulto® has competitive advantages on the following areas:
- Components are integrated with open APIs, which makes it possible to sync your data management system in real time to your open catalogue, web services or digital exhibits in the physical space.
- One integrated cloud based system for all cultural heritage organisations (librareis, museums, local history collections) that fits into the smart city approach.
- Experts will harmonise your existing datasets with international library and museum standards clean and unify data in order to serve your visitors better and faster.
- Utilising the benefits of open-source software and open API concepts.
- High value for money developer team based in Hungary.