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Country: Finland
Sub Sector: Cloud Computing, Other Technologies
Booth No. (Singapore): 5H3-08
Table No. (Thailand):


Secure team and 1-1 chat service for large organizations. Focus industries Health care, Insurance, Banking, Travel, E-Commerce and Public organizations.

Ninchat allows for chat to become integrated in all customer service channels in a flexible and secure way to interact with customers wherever they interact with the brand. Customer communication becomes more transparent and measurable which ties the whole organization to a united customer interaction experience. Benefits we offer are:
- better understanding of customer needs
- faster reaction time
- increased customer satisfaction
- improved sales conversion
- a significant improve in operational efficiency

Unlike other online chats Ninchat allows its clients to build new competitive advantage by providing better ways to measure and understand digital customer behavior and needs, in all customer interaction channels and by providing the best security for the communications.

Ninchat has found its niche by focusing on large enterprise customers having more demanding and custom needs. Ninchat has proven to win over its competitors and to efficiently acquire major international clients. Ninchat business model is highly sustainable (over 3 years average customer lifetime, no churn) with a high profit margin.