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Country: Portugal
Sub Sector: Fintech/Blockchain, Big Data, Health IT, AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ Machine Learning/ Robotics, Other Technologies
Booth No. (Singapore): 5H3-07
Table No. (Thailand):


Established in 2005, ITSector is a Software Development Company specialized in software for Credit Area in the financial sector. ITSector Group has headquarters in Portugal and is currently composed of five companies, including ebankIT (an Omnichannel banking company). ITSector has more than 350 employees and 4 Nearshore Centers producing Software for the United Kingdom, Poland, Kenya, Angola and Mozambique, among others. We also develop software to areas such as, Healthcare, Insurance, Energy and Utilities, among others to whom we offer Services in Omnichannel Solutions, Business applications, Mobile APPS, BI & Management Information and Workflows Solutions.

Our Ominchannel Credit Platform “Flowcredit” was built to be strong, consistent and compliant, replying to the customer’s demands in all credit areas. It also contemplates every phase of the credit business, from the simulation to its approval, contracting, risk analysis and disbursement. It adapts to all types of credit business types, car loans, mortgages, consumer loans, leasing, credit and debit cards, business credit, and so on.