Healthcare & Medical Technologies

Healthcare & Medical Technologies Business Mission

29 July – 3 August 2019, Singapore & Indonesia

Straight Teeth Direct Europe Ltd


Country: Ireland
Sub Sector: Aesthetic/ Cosmetic, Dental Instrument/ Equipment, Remote Health Monitoring /Therapy (Including Virtual Visit/ Consultation)/ Telemedicine
Booth No. (Singapore): 50
Table No. (Thailand): A190


We liase directly with out consumers to provide cosmetic teeth straightening with invisible aligners for 1/3 of the cost of in office treatments (€1500 vs €4500+) with no monthly appointments needed.

We offer the highest value, fully monitored and guaranteed solution for cosmetic teeth straightening with no hidden costs in the treatment. Our competitors do not offer this. We design and 3D print to manufacture our own aligners, enabling greater control and customisation. We are also using technology to improve our products, for example we are in the process of producing an instant smile simulator which would make the service, faster and more efficient for our users.

We began in 2016 and have customers in 50 countries. We also have existing retail partnerships with 8 department stores around Europe including Selfridges in London and Printemps in Paris.