Healthcare & Medical Technologies

Healthcare & Medical Technologies Business Mission

29 July – 3 August 2019, Singapore & Indonesia

Newster System srl


Country: Italy
Sub Sector: Management of Healthcare Waste
Booth No. (Singapore): 39
Table No. (Thailand): A176


With more than 20 years of experience and an activity that involved over 500 hospitals in over 35 countries covering all the continents, Newster , is an Italian company offering the most technologically advanced equipment to solve the problems of the potentially dangerous wastes that every day, in every part of the world, are produced in medical facilities and need to be treated. The know-how, innovations, high quality standards, training and excellent after sales services makes us a leader in the field of HCW Management with our eco-sustainable solutions.

Newster Frictional Heat technology sterilizes solid HCW reducing weight/volume, leaving residue unrecognizable, dry /odorless without emissions into the environment.