Healthcare & Medical Technologies

Healthcare & Medical Technologies Business Mission

29 July – 3 August 2019, Singapore & Indonesia

EUROTRONIK Kranj d.o.o.


Country: Slovenia
Sub Sector: ICT for Healthcare, Nurse Call System, Telecare System, Wearable Sensors & IoT
Booth No. (Singapore): 18
Table No. (Thailand): A152


The biggest competitive advantage of our system is that it is the only system in the world that combines two big systems in one device - nurse call and health-care documentation and management, which is then integrated into existing hospital information system.

Our products can be customised and since we have a modular solution, it can be sold as a basic or more advanced solution on the market - so it can also meet different price needs of the market.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified which ensures high quality service to our customers and we have all departments established (management, development, production, sales, export, purchase, technical support and installation). For our partners, we offer strong technical and sales support. We are able to go to their local markets to do the training, help with first installations, and also attend first meetings with partner’s clients together in order to accelerate initial sales. After that we also have 24/7 technical support available.