Healthcare & Medical Technologies

Healthcare & Medical Technologies Business Mission

29 July – 3 August 2019, Singapore & Indonesia

medical index GmbH


Country: Germany
Sub Sector: Medical Instrument/ Equipment/ Tools
Booth No. (Singapore): 34
Table No. (Thailand): A183


Medical Index GmbH is a German manufactuer of superior x-ray protection garments and x-ray protection goggles for hospitals, clinics, private doctors, the nuclear sector and the army in over 80 countries worldwide. Medical Index GmbH is using the latest technology for radiation protection, a bilayer system called VECTOR X. It offers protection from 50 - 150 KV according to the European Stand 61331-3:2014, the world's most stringent regulation for radiation protection.
MATRIX is the most effective cover material for x-ray protection garments, which can be cleaned by all common desinfection agent.

The X-Ray Protection goggles Mi-100PP is the first protection goggles according to the latest European Standard: fully wrapped around to cover the eye from all sides: from the top, bottom and sides. This innovative approach to X-ray protective clothing has been achieved through close links with product users.