Healthcare & Medical Technologies

Healthcare & Medical Technologies Business Mission

29 July – 3 August 2019, Singapore & Indonesia

Clinic 6


Country: Belgium
Sub Sector: Aesthetic/ Cosmetic, Dental Instrument/ Equipment, Medical Instrument/ Equipment/ Tools
Booth No. (Singapore): 6
Table No. (Thailand): A147


Freezpen is a powerful, precise cryosurgery instrument for the removal of benign skin lesions. It is suitable for general practice, dermatology, esthetics, gynecology, pediatrics, podiatry and veterinary use. Freezpen is an innovative instrument relying on the direct application of nitrous oxide (N2O) at a temperature of –89°C. The introduction of micro-technology in cryosurgery includes benefits such as :
1. High power (55-bar) microjet achieves in-tissue temperature of -89°C, for complete tissue necrosis in seconds.
2. Ultrafine sharp jet for total precision and no damage to healthy tissue. Range of applicators.
3. Painless and without follow-up care : No pain, no cuts or bleeding, no anesthesia – even for children. Slight sting signals when treatment is complete.
4. Perfect results with no scarring. Healthy tissue is unaffected; frozen tissue disappears in a few weeks.
5. Practical : Easy handling and transport. Handy disposable cartridges; store at room temperature.