Healthcare & Medical Technologies

Healthcare & Medical Technologies Business Mission

29 July – 3 August 2019, Singapore & Indonesia

Exhibitor Spotlight

The Exhibitor Spotlight presentations provide a platform for participating companies to give presentations of their products and service offerings. This free programme aims to provide concise information to the trade visitors and raise interest to engage in deeper one-to-one discussions. The Exhibitor Spotlight presentations will be held in both Singapore and Vietnam.

Date: Thursday, 1 August 2019
Time: 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Venue: Opening Ceremony Stage, Level 1

Time Summary of Presentation Speaker
Overview of the additive manufacturing technologies of Sisma, presentation of medical and dental case studies produced using plastic and metal 3D printing
Eng. Luca Carnevali, Product Market Analyst, Sisma
4:10pm Eco-sustainable solutions for the management of Healthcare waste
NEWSTER produces eco-sustainable solutions for the management of Healthcare waste. Frictional Heat Technology reaches a peak of 150°,residue is sterile, dry, unrecognizable, reduced in volume and weight. Hospital on-site installations cut costs for collection , transportation and treatment. Treated waste can go to landfill with municipal waste or waste-to-energy plants.
Matteo Flenghi, Area Manager,  Newster System Srl
4:20pm Innovative FRONTEXIT Bed
Based on 35 years experience on bed solutions adapted to the hospitals and nursing homes, SOTEC MEDICAL designs a new concept of medical bed which includes a real seating position (90°) providing more autonomics to the patient and less effort for medical staff in addition with a 20cm lower position.
Saril Abdallah, International Sales Manager, SOTEC MEDICAL
4:30pm The Power of Portable Radiology Imaging
There is a shortage of radiologists, worldwide. IMAGE Information Systems presents unique cloud-based teleradiology systems in more than 100 countries and the world´s first CE and FDA cleared diagnostic portable radiology reading station called MED-TAB for high-quality image analysis anywhere, at any time, and for any modality.
Dr Arpad Bischof, Managing Director, IMAGE Information Systems Europe GmbH
4:40pm Antibodies and antigens
Medix Biochemica manufactures antibodies and antigens for IVD market. Expertise is in-vitro-immunodiagnostics. All operations are ISO 13485 certified and conform to FDA QSR. Customer focus on IVD industry. Trusted long term supply partner. Consistent quality and accurate deliveries. Large scale manufacturing. Hybridoma and perfusion techniques as core competence.
Outi Vilamo, Sales Manager, APAC, Medix Biochemica


Date: Friday, 2 August 2019
Time: 10.00 am to 11.00 am
Venue: Opening Ceremony Stage, Level 1

Time Summary of Presentation Speaker
10:00am Innovation for Life
LifeSense Group is a wearable technology company that designs and creates applications for medical, health and wellbeing. With our patented technology in smart textile, wearable technologies, IoT and mobile applications we turn innovations into reality.
Dr Valer Pop, CEO, LifeSense Group B.V.
10:10am The World's First Portable Hydrogen Breath Test + App
FoodMarble have created a portable hydrogen breath test device and companion app. FoodMarble allows breath testing to be performed by the patient at home, at a fraction of the cost of traditional clinical tests. Patients can also log the foods they eat, and symptoms they experience through the FoodMarble app.
Aonghus Shortt, CEO, FoodMarble
10:20am Adding Genomics to your biomedical workflow
MediSapiens has supported pharma, biobanks, hospitals and population programs in adding genomics capabilities to their operations - we will show how it can be done cost and time effectively.
Dr Sami Kilpinen, CEO, MediSapiens Oy
10:30am Hospital Acquired Infection Prevention
The World Health Organization has warned that many common infections will no longer have a cure and, once again, could kill unabated. This is due to the fact that we are using the last resource of antibiotics. We will help you fight the HAI's.
Niklas Elers, Chief Motivator, Elers Medical Finland
10:40am Dental Clinics, Less Pain Faster Healing
BTI is a research company world scientific leader in tissue regeneration. Is the only dental company in the world with a bioactive implant surface. Do you want to have a differentiated product in your portfolio which allows to reduce drastically the healing process of the patients?
Ignacio Aparicio, International Dental Distribution Manager, BTI Biotechnology Institute