Country: Austria
Sub Sector: Off-grid clean energy solutions,Power generation,Solar
Booth No. (Singapore): C13
Table No. (Jakarta): 31
Website: http://www.swimsol.com


Swimsol has been developing floating marine-grade solar technology since 2010, aiming to create a cost-effective marine solar power solution for the populated tropical coastal areas which are facing land scarcity. Having demonstrated 150 kWp of marine-grade floating solar power projects in the Maldives, Swimsol is looking for expansion to other markets. Swimsol has already contacted potential business partners in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
Swimsol submitted a joint research proposal with Solar Research Institute of Singapore in 2016 and expects to enter the Philippine market with its large business opportunities for floating PV. In fact, Singapore is currently testing several floating PV options to implement the Singaporean renewable energy strategy (350 GWp PV power by 2020).
The EU Gateway would give Swimsol an ideal opportunity to deeply learn about those markets in order to find partners for a first pilot system.