Country: Hungary
Sub Sector: Carbon services,Energy efficiency,Energy conservation,Noise protection,Waste Management
Booth No. (Singapore): B03
Table No. (Jakarta): 18
Website: http://www.flex-coop.com/index.php/en/


Our product, EU Roller is widely used in conveyors, mostly in mines, cement factories, biomass producers, waste/garbage processors all around the world. EU Rollers are more energy efficient, more durable and therefore more cost effective than traditional rollers. They are approximately 60% of the weight of conventional steel rollers, making installation easier and saving on start-up costs.
EU Roller (protected by international patents) is more energy and cost efficient with savings of at least 25-30% based on independent tests than other industry standard solutions.
Test results show that the noise emission of EU-ROLLER is considerably lower compared to the conventional ones. Standards that are stricter year by year to reduce the environmental impact makes EU-ROLLER an ideal choice.
We are looking for local agents, distributors for our product in Asia. We have 3 production plants in Hungary.