Country: Denmark
Sub Sector: Energy conservation,Energy efficiency,Management and control systems,Information Technology Software
Booth No. (Singapore): B16
Table No. (Jakarta): 27


ReMoni helps you getting robust data for your CSR accounting, and complying standards and certifications such as the ESOS, ISO 50001, the Energy Policy Act (EPAct), Proposition 39, IEE Intelligent Energy Europe, and LEED.

ReMoni is a registered trademark and we have 3 patents.

Monitor Technical Installations and Energy.
Clamp-on Monitoring with Cloud-AI made Coherent and Cost-efficient.

Our goal is to create technology that helps building a more sustainable society, by eliminating waste of resources.
We focus on the development of an innovative system to minimize waste of energy and production failure. The system is both easier, cheaper and more flexible than other solutions on the market. The novelty is that you can monitor devices simply by attaching small wireless sensors directly onto the outside of electric cables and water and heating pipes.