fosera Solarsystems GmbH & Co. KGaA


Country: Germany
Sub Sector: Energy efficiency,Energy conservation,Management and control systems,Off-grid clean energy solutions,Power generation,Solar
Booth No. (Singapore): B01
Table No. (Jakarta): 19


Fosera is a leading German manufacturer of high-quality Solar-Home-Systems designed for rural electrification. They allow light generation, phone charging, and powering of appliances such as radios, TVs, fans or even a fridge. It was founded in 2011 and has headquarters near Ulm at Illerkirchberg, Germany, with subsidiaries around the world. The target markets are typically areas without reliable access to grid electricity and off-grid. Special features of its products include a modular and scalable system design, which allows the system to grow together with the demand of the user. Fosera also offers a 3-year warranty and spare parts for easy and inexpensive on-site reparation.
Fosera systems can also come with the Pay-As-You-Go integration, making the technology accessible to a much larger end-user base. Fosera continuously develops and improves its energy-efficient appliances as well as its modular and high-quality Lithium-iron-phosphate battery packs. Fosera systems are designed to have a long-lasting and maintenance-free lifetime.