STEAG Energy Services


Country: Germany
Sub Sector: Management & control systems
Booth No. (Singapore): D09
Table No. (Malaysia): 34


STEAG Energy Services is a subsidiary of STEAG GmbH, Germany’s thrid largest utility. Since over 80 years, STEAG owns and operates power plants in Germany and all over the world. That’s our basis of knowledge at STEAG Energy Services and that’s what makes us unique in the world. Our scope comprises the full range of power plant related services, from engineering and O&M services to IT solutions for monitoring and optimisation of plant operation and maintenance – everything brought to perfection with 80 years of experience.


- Energy Management Systems for performance monitoring and optimisation of power plant operation and maintenance. Once added to STEAG’s portfolio by acquisition of IT companies, nowadays intelligent IT solutions are an integral part of the company

- Design, engineering, site supervision and commissioning of power plants

- Operation and maintenance services for renewable and conventional assets