Country: Sweden
Sub Sector: Energy conservation technologies focused on reducing CO2 emissions
Booth No. (Singapore): A09
Table No. (Malaysia): 9


ClimaCheck is a world leader in optimisation of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems. Refrigeration processes use 20% of the global electricity and often one third of the energy is wasted due to insufficient optimisation and most failures can be avoided. ClimaCheck has supplied more than a thousand systems to manufacturers, installers, service companies and equipment owners. Customers include industry leaders such as Carrier, Daikin, DuPont and Emerson optimising malls, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, casinos, industries, data centres and supermarkets around the world.


- ClimaCheck offers a new level of information of performance earlier only possible in test rigs. The immediate pinpointing of problems to a component or setting opens what is a “black box” in conventional monitoring systems.
- ClimaCheck is a scientifically based un-biased method that can be installed cost effectively in 20 minutes on any refrigeration or air conditioning system.
- ClimaCheck online is web based system for continuous monitoring
- ClimaCheck onsite is a portable system for inspection, maintenance and trouble shooting.