Country: Sweden
Sub Sector: Furniture| Decorative Items
Booth No. (Singapore): 5D-23
Table No. (Jakarta): 26


Greenworks is the synergy of Scandinavian industrial design and urban landscaping. Products include living furniture and living walls.


We create interior plant systems and vertical gardens where our products take on the role of plants with the capability to contribute to more sustainable cities as well as improve indoor air quality. In urban areas, plants help to absorb noise, protect walls from heavy rain and UV radiation, and increase the well-being of citizens.

Our main products are all air purifying and absorb noise. Moving hedge, an air purifying mobile room divider with integrated irrigation system. Babylone, a spherical pendant for plants; Bridge, a desk pendant with incorporated greenery; Living Walls, custom-made hydroponic vertical gardens; Moss walls, custom made walls made of various kind of Scandinavian lichen and reindeer moss. Since 2010, Greenwork has installed hundreds of indoor living walls both nationally and internationally and is now a leading expert in the field. In order to create truly eco-friendly installations we use the latest irrigation techniques in combination with a high degree of recycled materials.