Capti Design


Country: Sweden
Sub Sector: Furniture
Booth No. (Singapore): 5C-21
Table No. (Jakarta): 11


Capti Design is a Swedish family business based in an area with very strong craft traditions where old traditions meet the new technology and create a inspiring and creative environment.


• The Scandinavian look: We follow the Scandinavian tradition of making non complex furniture.
• Design: We mix the traditional Scandinavia style touch, with a modern twist. Simple yet advanced.
• Collection: Tables, hall furniture, shelving, Main focus are tables.
• The Spejs tables: We would like to focus on our so successful Spejs series of tables. They have a unique design, and leans very stable to the wall. The tables has extra weight "inside" which gives them the stability. The tables fascinates and always rise the question: how can the tables stand so stable ?? Behind lays a lot of advanced calculation work to get the right weight and placement of the extra weight.