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Construction & Building Technologies Business Mission

4 – 10 November 2019, Singapore & Philippines

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  • Acreos

    We design, build and sell innovative training simulators in several fields such as ports, mining, earthmoving, lifting and logistics industry. Our simulators are completely versatile, you can change the controls to fit the dedicated machinery. We bring several advantages to the final user: - Screening the candidates for recruitment - Cost saving process (no maintenance, no combustibles) - Efficient & Fast learning - Progressive sequenced learning - Safe training process - Exhibitions & Event Read More

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  • Airgloss srl

    Airgloss provides innovative solutions for real-time air quality monitoring and thermal comfort management for any kind of indoor space, from homes to offices, schools, hotels, healthcare facilities and even in transport vehicles. Read More

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  • BaseN Corporation

    BaseN is a global full stack IoT operator that provides mission critical solutions for industry, utilities and construction companies. BaseN's customers include big construction companies and service providers to the construction industry. We provide solutions such as: - Access control and asset management - Smart living - Remote device management - Real time monitoring Read More

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  • BeON energy (BeMicro)

    BeON designs and manufactures unique plug in solar kits that greatly reduces the costs of domestic solar. Our unique offering allows homeowners to simply install solar by plugging the unit into any domestic socket. BeON has also developed an end to end energy management platform using unique propitiatory mesh network that allows long range reliable exchange of information between connected devices to manage the energy production and consumption of a home, building or industrial site. Read More

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  • Boscaro Srl

    Boscaro is one of the world's top producers of construction equipment and crane attachments. Our wide range of products include concrete buckets, crane forks, self-dumping bins, safety rescue man baskets, lifting clamps, beams and spreader bars, tool boxes, and all the solutions for the construction site. We can adapt to the market's request and design customized items based on the customers' needs. 75% of our products are exported abroad all over the world. Our company is certified for quality and safety with ISO 9001 and ISO 18001. Read More

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    Chatron is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of solar tubes skylight for natural lighting of indoor spaces (houses, offices, factories, warehouses, etc). We have innovative models with Versions Daylight or 24-hour lighting with integrated LED technology. Energy-free 24-hour illumination (without cost) are the new versions of Tubo Solar Persa. We have extensive experience to co-operate in the design of solar lighting solutions with our partners. We are looking for partners with a strong connection to the construction industry capable of doing turnkey projects which involves the implementation of our Solar Tubes. Read More

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  • Cimec Oy

    Lift your productivity. Cimec is a Finnish mature company, highly specialized in developing and manufacturing glass handling equipment, such as vertical and tilting vacuum lifter ranging from 100-1000kg with fully pneumatic operations. Our core business areas include glass lifters, window assembly lines, and glazing stations for glass industry. Read More

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    CLAROFLEX is a Spanish company specialized in manufacturing frameless glazing systems. We export to more than 50 countries, with offices in Spain, Brazil and Russia. We have a multicultural commercial department capable of meeting the needs that the world market demands. All our products and accessories are Patent protected and manufactured with high quality materials tested under European standards. Our trademark CLAROFLEX is also registered. Read More

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  • ComfortClick

    Company ComfortClick is a developer of building automation software and servers. Our products enable control, visualization and automation of all devices in any smart building (residential or commercial) from a single app on a user's favourite mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows). We currently support the following system and devices: KNX, Z-Wave, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Modbus, DSC alarm, Paradox, Satel, IP cameras, Global Caché, IRTrans, Kodi (XBMC), Sonos, Philips Hue, IP intercom and TCP/IP devices. Read More

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