List of Exhibitors

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W-Rix Ltd


Country: Finland
Sub Sector: Treatment (Portable Water),Utilisation – Pumping System,Water Quality (Utilisation)
Booth No. (Singapore): B2-F23
Table No. (Jakarta): 45


Waterix®, a product brand of W-Rix Ltd, develops and manufactures devices for the treatment of municipal and industrial sewage and process water cooling with an eye on the eco-friendliness of the products.
Waterix® key products are AIRIT® surface aerators, MIXIT® mixers, DENIT combination devices and COOLIT® coolers.
COOLIT® is a floating spray cooler designed for hot industrial process water. It can manage industrial wastewater, process liquids or power plant condensed water. Based on evaporation of water into the air, COOLIT® spray coolers have been developed to effectively cool hot industrial water and liquids.